What Do We Do - WonderLab | Transformá tu evento en experiencia interactiva


Technology + creativity

At WonderLab we design live entertainment experiences by combining technology and creativity to thrill the audience.

Virtual Events

We design and produce unique interactive virtual experiences for social and corporate events where the participants are the protagonists.

Mobile app

Transform your guest into a star with a 100% customizable and interactive app. An extended the experience, that will last from the invitation to months after the event.

Interactive Weareables

Each guest interacts with the event through proximity technology. We transform the event into a gamified experience where we track the activity of each of the guests.

Interactive installations

From photo booths and holographic screens to vending machines and games that are integrated with the entire experience. We develop and build interactive installations for guests to enjoy throughout the event.


Our mobile devices interact with the bracelets and they also interact with the different activations of the event. These devices also allow us to provide agile access control cashless payment systems among others.


We develop playful experiences with personalized games that allow to increase the interaction of the participants in the events.

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