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At WonderLab we understand corporate events, both face-to-face and virtual. as an opportunity to create value. Each event is a very important investment and our goal is to maximize the company’s investment.

Technology allows us to rethink the experience of attending an event from scratch, transforming each participant into a protagonist and incorporating tools such as gamification, tracking, interaction, optimization and big data.

Take your event to the next level

Extended Experience

The event begins with the invite and the experience lasts well beyond the end of the event.


We generate permanent interaction with the guests, transforming them into the stars of the experience.


Technology allows us to generate playful and interactive experiences such as trivias, games, polls and reward the winners in innovative ways at different moments of the event.

Big data

A Smart Event, 100% trackeable, that generates valuable information for the company and for future events.


The user interacts with technology in a fluid way with contactless technology, and we avoid interrupting the most important thing for us which is their experience at the event.


We have studios and professional teams to carry out interactive virtual and high-quality events.

We work each event differently, adapting our resources to the needs of each client.

These are some of the technologies and services we have:


We have a 100% customizable platform.

Welcome Kit

An invitation kit specially designed with bracelet and an activation code for the app.

LED Wristbands

Luminous wristbands that can be controlled remotely in groups or individually.

Proximity technology

Wristbands interact with interactive devices using RFID technology.

Mobile App

100% customizable during the warm-up, the event itself and the recap.

Access Control

Bracelets allow us to control access to the app.


The bracelet is transformed into a virtual wallet to avoid cash and speed up payments.

Photo Tracking

Photographers and booths scan your bracelet and they are magically delivered to each guest’s app!

Live Games

By participating on the APP, guests can play live during the event.

Interactive Visuals

We generate dynamic contents on the event screens by using the information provided by the APP and the bracelets interactions.

Holographic installations

Just by scanning their bracelets, each guest can see a personalized video message when they arrive to the event.

Big data

We can create reports based on the participation and interaction of the guests.


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